Pueyrredon 1101 Building Features Alternating Balconies

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: archdaily
Concrete is something of a divisive material, but Pueyrredon 1101 Building is a new condo in Rosario, Argentina, that shows the result of the material when used correctly. The building, which is made almost entirely out of concrete, employs a creative formation that highlights the structural elements of concrete without succumbing to the heavy, dark appearance that many all-concrete buildings suffer from.

On the exterior of the building, by far the most striking aspect is the shape of the balconies. As one's eyes follow the building upward, the balconies alternate between full stretches and half stretches along the width of the face. This allows every unit in the condo to have 270 degree views rather than just 180 degrees.

Concrete is more than just for the exterior, though. The interiors also feature the material heavily.