The Balls are Similar to the Classic Magic 8 Ball with a Sassy Twist

 - Jul 17, 2013
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This isn't your average psychic prediction, as these Magic 8 balls come with a rude and offensive twist. Similar to the popular Magic 8 ball, the rude psychic prediction ball gives you answers when you ask it and give it a shake, but the responses are somewhat shocking.

The 'Rude and Crude Magic Answer Ball' comes with 20 different obscene answers which include responses like "Damn Straight," "Fo Shizzle," "You Bet Your Ass," "Who Gives A Sh@$?" "Fat Chance A%*hole," and "IDFK!" If you are looking for direct answers that give a hardened truth, the rude psychic prediction ball might be your answer.

These rude toys will make the perfect gift for a friend or coworker that has a dirty sense of humor and doesn't mind being cursed at on occasion.