'Protect Your Bubble' Offers Coverage for All Smartphone Users

Protect Your Bubble is an insurance and warranty provider with an unconventional approach to protection. It says: "We don't care where you bought your phone, which carrier you have or if it’s more than 30 days old. With us, you're covered."

Typically, new phone users must purchase device insurance within 30 days, but Protect Your Bubble gives consumers the chance to opt-in for protection at any time. A basic plan begins at $5.99 monthly and includes up two replacements each year, covering accidental damage, drops, water damage, battery issues and mechanical malfunctions. Knowing how vital smartphones can be, Protect Your Bubble makes arrangements to handle claims quickly and provide next-day replacements.

Other plans offered by Protect Your Bubble include protection for rental cars, appliances, travel, tablets and other electronic devices.