These Apps for Insurance Simplify the Coverage Process

 - Mar 2, 2016
There are many young consumers who choose not to invest in insurance because it requires shopping around for the best rates available from providers—but these apps for insurance simplify the process of protecting everything from pets to properties.

Some of the most user-friendly platforms include Cover, which has users simply take a photo in order to specify what they'd like to find coverage for. When a photo has been shared, Cover's team gets to work in order to source the best possible deal. An app from HoneyInsured works in the same way, but uses only a system of four questions to highlight plans that are "cheap but risky" or "safe but expensive."

Whether it's purchasing a car or paying for insurance, Millennials prefer not to be locked into commitments. To remedy this, apps like Cuvva appeal to them with hourly vehicle insurance solutions, which appeals to value-conscious shoppers who want to make sure they use what they pay for.