This Campaign Seeks to Protect Children from Violence

UNICEF recently released a short film that urges world leaders to protect children from violence. In many parts of the world, children face the constant threat of war and physical violence. This thought-provoking video aims to convey the need to protect children from these crises.

'The World Upside Down' video campaign was created by the London-based design agency 'Don’t Panic.' The video shows an ordinary family enjoying a day out at the park. However, the film takes a dark turn when it turns the family's lives upside down and reveals how different their day would be if they lived in a different part of the world. UNICEF plans to add additional content to the video and include the experiences of real children. These stories cover everything from child trafficking to child refugees.

With one in 10 of the world's children living in a conflict zone, the film urges the UK government to do more to protect children from violence.