This Prosthetic Knee is Available at an Afforable Price

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
'D-Rev' recently debuted a prosthetic knee that is designed to offer an affordable solution for low-income amputees. In countries where accidents and war frequently result in amputation, there is a major demand for prosthetic limbs. The problem is that most high-quality prosthetics are far too expensive for the average person.

The 'ReMotion Knee' is designed to provide an inexpensive option for those who cannot afford traditional prosthetics. The goal of designing cheaper prosthetics was initially taken on by a group of students at Stanford University in 2008. After years of research, the team has finally designed a prosthetic knee that only costs $80. Despite the low price tag, the artificial limb boasts many of the same features as higher-end prosthetics. As a result, low-income amputees are able to regain their mobility without going into debt.