This Prosthetic Arm Attaches Directly to Patients' Skeletons

 - Oct 15, 2014
References: & gizmag
Researchers at Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology have successfully tested a prosthetic arm that uses a special thought-controlled system. The limb has been implanted onto a Swedish man and has allowed him to lead a fairly normal life despite his working in a physically demanding occupation as a truck driver. Thanks to his artificial limb, he is able to do everything from tying his shoelaces to connecting his trailer to his truck.

The prosthetic arm is attached directly to the skeleton for increased stability. The patient's nerves and muscles are then connected to the machine's control system using neuromuscular electrodes, creating a union between the prosthetic and the person.

The technology will be distributed to more amputees later this year, and could represent a game-changer in the world of prosthetics.