This Converse Ad is Promoting Products In an Aggressive Manner

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: bestadsontv
Marketers are getting more agressive when it comes to promoting products and condemning all others.

The creative minds behind the Converse ad 'Shoes are Boring. Wear Sneakers' are trying to make a definitive statement of what should be cool among young adults by encouraging them to forsake shoes. They've included tag lines such as "shoes keep it clean," where the following scene shows a couple looking tame and riding a two-seated bicycle. The next scene however says "sneakers get dirty," showcasing a more lust-filled couple making out in the produce section.

The commercial illustrates various scenes of opposing natures to evoke younger viewers to associate shoes with everything that is disproportionate in the youth culture. The commercial clearly states that shoes are something worn by type-A personalities, and while sneakers aren't necessarily stated as cool, that message nonetheless comes across.