The Vincross HEXA Programmable Robots are Highly Maneuverable

 - Aug 17, 2017
References: kickstarter & coolthings
The market for different kinds of drones is only increasing with the Vincross HEXA programmable robots being one of the latest to be hitting the market. The Vincross HEXA drone is a six-legged drone robot that will enable you to program it in a number of different ways to perform a multitude of tasks.

The compact size of the Vincross HEXA drone enables it to be brought just about anywhere for usage, while the 720p camera enables crisp video capturing. The drone also features night vision capabilities, a three-axis accelerometer, a distance measurement sensor and an infrared transmitter.

The Vincross HEXA programmable robots identify a number of design aesthetics that we could see permeating the consumer drone market more in the near future.