This Private Garage in Agueda, Portugal, Features Exposed Steel Beams

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: archdaily
In building a private garage in Agueda, Portugal, for a wealthy client, Paolo Martins, a local architect, opted to go against the grain. Rather than designing something grandiose and ostentatious, the architect thought in reverse, using raw building materials in place of lavish ones and ultimately achieving an impressively minimalist aesthetic.

Considering that the client owns three Porsches and three motorcycles, the private garage needed to be quite large. However, large doesn't automatically mean that the garage had to be something that would cry out for attention, and Paolo Martins found a way to build out the appropriate amount of space while still being modest.

The interior design of the garage features appropriately automotive decor, with the sparse decorations including a coffee table made out of tires and several posters of famous F1 drivers and their vehicles.