Artist Gil Batle Documents His Time Spent in the California Penal System

 - Nov 5, 2015
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This prison art by Gil Batle has been intricately carved on the delicate surface of eggshells.

Batle has spent approximately 20 years jumping in and out of the California penal system for a series of non-violent crimes. Now 50-years-old, Batle has documented his jail time experiences with this series of prison art etched and carved away onto the surface of ostrich eggs. The everyday realities of prison life and the harsh conditions of the penal system are displayed in this artwork at six inches high in astonishing detail.

Every depiction featured on this prison art was either experienced by the artist himself, or told to him from a fellow inmate serving time. Batle is now currently a free man located in the Philippines, and his series of egg shell artwork will be the subject of a new art show called 'Hatched in Prison.'