The Golden Shark Prismatic Art Covers Up Faces in Photographs

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: flickr & artnau
Golden Shark, the creator of this prismatic art project, takes an interesting approach to image distortion. The artist creatively interrupts and adjusts photographs by strategically placing prism shapes over the the area of a person's face. The fact that Shark places the prisms right on top of the faces is both striking and unsettling.

One of the reasons people enjoy viewing portraits is because of the eye contact that forms between themselves and the subjects in the photographs. As humans, we are more likely to look at faces in photographs before anything else. This is why Shark's striking technique of covering people's faces is a bold and interesting move.

Distorting such an important aspect of a photograph and creating an alien-like image out of it triggers a shock value that is further enhanced with the puzzling prism shapes.