The Prism Glasses Eliminates Strain in Neck and Arms When Reading

 - Aug 10, 2012
References: whateverworks & bookofjoe
The Prism Glasses addresses the effort of holding up and looking at reading material for hours on end. Since reading in bed can be quite tiring, and not just because many people have trained their brain to get sleepy as soon as they slip under the covers or that the book is boring, accessories like the Prism Glasses are hugely welcomed.

Essentially, the Prism Glasses allow people to remain in a prone position without straining their neck or arms. The Prism Glasses transform people's view to a 90° downward angle, eliminating the need for them to raise their head uncomfortably. While the glasses can be used by anyone, they are especially helpful for those with limited range of motion either due to an accident, disease or even simply age.