La Petite Syrah Charges Coffee Based on the Payer's Rudeness

 - Mar 19, 2016
References: & coolhunting
La Petite Syrah is a cafe located in Nice, France that bases its priced coffee on the attitude of its customers. The eatery offers higher fees for drinks based on how rude the customer is when approaching the barista to pay. The drink prices are determined entirely on the customer's verbal interaction and if certain polite words are used.

The cafe has a menu listing price it works off of that increases depending on the customer's behavior. Depending on how the guest interacts with the baristas when ordering, the cup of coffee can nearly triple in price. The servers are instructed to give customers that order a coffee with the words, "Hello, a coffee please" the rate of €1.40. This goes up two times the cost if "hello" isn't used, and three times if the drink is ordered with the barking command, "coffee."