LG InstaView Refrigerator Decreases Escaping Cold Air To Sustain Food

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: lg & trndmonitor
To help consumers with preserving freshness in their foods, kitchen and electronic brand LG has put together the InstaView fridge that is creatively designed to sustain food longer by decreasing the amount of cold air that escapes from the appliance. This is due to the integration of glass panelling inside the refrigerator and the newly adapted ColdSaver Panel barriers.

The InstaView is engineered to ensure consumers can make the most of their grocery purchases by eliminating food spoilage. When consumers open the doors to the fridge, the appliance utilizes a specially integrated interior separator that stops cold air from leaving and hot air from taking its place. A two-way knock also allows consumers to look inside the fridge without opening the doors, to save energy and stop air from escaping.