Barclays' 'Self-Skippable Pre-Roll Ad' Gets Itself Out of the Way

 - May 25, 2017
References: wersm
To acknowledge the fact that many consumers simply want to skip past advertisements to get to the video content they actually want to see, many brands are launching very short, yet riveting pre-roll ads. Barclays recently launched its own take on the idea with what it calls a 'Self-Skippable Pre-Roll Ad.'

The 20-second pre-roll advertisement begins by introducing that it will skip itself, and immediately, a series of actions begin on a Rube Goldberg machine. While the skip button on YouTube is shown throughout, viewers will likely be captured by the action, right up until the end, where a hammer smashes though the button.

Other brands that have released similar "unskippable" pre-roll ads include A&W, Scotts, Eat and Mountain Dew, all of which target Internet users with short attention spans.