The Pica Limon Hot Powder Candy Focuses on Being Sweet and Spicy

 - May 28, 2016
References: mexgrocer & popsugar
In the United States and Canada, sour flavors are rather popular when it comes to candy, but the Pica Limon Hot Powder Candy is an example of a Mexican take on tastebud-satisfying treats.

Instead of being sour, the candy focuses on being sweet and spicy with a kick of lemon to help balance the flavor. Like Mexican cuisine, the candy blends a variety of different flavor profiles to find a balance between being too sweet, too sour or too hot.

The Pica Limon Hot Powder Candy comes in individual servings and comes packed in a pouch with dozens of packets for children and adults to enjoy. Although a candy, the product can be used in a variety of different ways and in recipes to help give foods a different taste.