PopChips' Potato Chip Commercial Speaks Out Against Potato Cruelty

 - Oct 10, 2014
References: popchips & adsoftheworld
This humorous potato chip commercial from PopChips features a proud potato chip activist getting all up in arms about the way innocent potatoes are deep fried and turned into unhealthy snacks.

Rather than dipping its cuts of potatoes into hot oil or baking them, PopChips are made by popping them with hot air and pressure. As a result, the chips are healthier and contain no fake coloring, flavors, preservatives or grease. This commercial is staged like the shooting of an ad, where one of the actors is so passionate about potatoes, he deviates from the lines he's supposed to say. At one point in the ad, the potato enthusiast even goes as far as to bring out a sign to protest "baby potato cruelty."