This Posture Infographic Helps You Identify Good and Bad Habits

 - Oct 17, 2015
References: tomfaulkner & designtaxi
If you are concerned about the health effects your sedentary lifestyle is having, especially when it comes to back pain, this posture infographic could come in handy. Created by handmade furniture brand Tom Faulkner, the chart 'How to Solve Your Posture Problems Forever' helps you identify poor habits and how to better your posture.

Good posture protects your joints and spine, gives you more energy and helps you to appear confident and attractive. It also prevents chronic backaches and muscle pain. Sitting properly has many components, including screen and mouse placement if you sit at a computer during the day. According to the posture infographic, you can work on yours with exercises such as side leg raises, planks, bridges and back extensions.