The New ‘I Wish’ Portrait Photo Series is Gripping

 - Mar 1, 2014
References: jamalpenjweny & visualnews
Every child has a dream to be something amazing when they grow up, and if the dream isn’t too far-fetched there’s always a good chance that it’s attainable through hard work and determination; unfortunately, this is not the case for these Iraqi people in this stirring portrait photo series. 

Living through war, social issues and hardship does not mean that people don’t have dreams, it just means they’re that much harder to be fulfilled. Kurdish photographer and filmmaker Jamal Penjweny helps to show the world how those around him had big dreams that unluckily never saw the light.

Titled ‘I Wish’, the new moving portrait photo series shows Iraqi adults holding up photos of the people they had wished they could be.

"I made this project to give one moment when dreams can become reality, so each person can act out their dream even if they cannot fulfill it in real life," says Penjweny.