The 'AquaVault' Portable Safe Keeps Possessions Safe When Traveling

 - Nov 23, 2016
References: odditymall
Travelers who like lounging by the pool or on the beach will appreciate the design of the 'AquaVault' portable safe as an effective way to protect their belongings when they've gone for a dip or a drink.

Coming in the 'FlexSafe' and hard shell models, the 'AquaVault' works by being affixed onto the rear support bar on a lounge chair. Once installed, the 'AquaVault' can only be opened or removed if the correct code is entered on the front padlock. This offers a great spot to store cash, wallets, keys, smartphones and more without having to ask strangers to watch your stuff or worry that someone might snag your items when you aren't looking.

The 'AquaVault' portable safe is ideal for beach or the pool area, but can also be used in other locations to keep personal effects safe.