Port-A-Pint is Made for Covert Drinkers

 - Jul 17, 2009   Updated: Mar 25 2011
References: worldwidefred & foolishgadgets
The Port-A-Pint is a great invention if you need to party hop but have a limited amount of beer.

This beer cup comes with a lid, so people can transport their suds with minimal spillage. Made by Fred, the Port-A-Pint can easily be concealed because it folds up.

Implications - Global warming has caused an uproar among businesses and consumers alike. Simple products such as the featured reusable Port-A-Pint gives beer-loving consumers the chance to enjoy a drink while being eco-friendly. Businesses who engage in creating eco-friendly products that cut back on waste gain consumer trust because they are seen as corporations who care about the planet. When consumers are given the choice, most will choose an eco-friendly option.