The 'DripStick' Popsicle Holder Prevents Drips and Spills for Kids

 - Jun 27, 2017
References: amazon & odditymall
Kids are notorious for making a mess when enjoying ice cream or a frozen treat, so the 'DripStick' popsicle holder is intended to provide them with a way to stay clean as they eat their cold snack. The 'DripStick' works by incorporating a large handle that is ergonomic enough for grasping by young children and instantly goes to work to catch any and all drips or spills that occur. The device is ideal for use with ice cream on a stick, ice cream cones or traditional frozen ice pops thanks to the multifunctional design of the holder.

The 'DripStick' popsicle holder is ideal for young children, but also shows promise for anyone who has trouble keeping ice cream drips off of their clothing.