The Popcorn, Indiana 'Popinator' Uses Voice Detection to Launch Snacks

 - Sep 18, 2012
References: popcornindiana & foodbeast
Popcorn has always been the snack of choice when it comes to throwing food in the air and catching it in your mouth, and now, thanks to the Popcorn, Indiana 'Popinator,' you can have twice the fun without even using your hands.

The Popinator is the world’s first fully automated, voice-activated popcorn shooter. Triggered whenever someone says the word "pop," the Popinator utilizes a binaural microphone system to calculate subtle differences in the arrival times of sound waves and their reflections. This, in effect, allows it to determine where a sound originated from and then fire a piece of popcorn at the appropriate trajectory from up to 15 feet away.

Although ravenous snackers that eat popcorn by the handful might hate that the machine only dispenses one piece of popcorn at a time, the ability to launch food in your mouth from across the room at any time should provide at least a little consolation.