The MySuperPops Mini Popcorn Chips Support Local Food Banks

Traditional snack chips on the market are loaded with fat and made with few healthful ingredients, so the MySuperPops Mini Popcorn Chips are positioned as being a health, family-friendly alternative.

The chips come in three flavor varieties including Kettle, Honey BBQ and White Cheddar in order to offer a snack that is going to suit parents and children alike. Best of all, the snacks are crafted using 100% wholegrain ingredients to ensure they aren't just empty calories to tide you over until your next proper meal. This is thanks to the quinoa, chia and flax that's used in each bag.

The MySuperPops Mini Popcorn Chips are gluten-free, nut-free, USDA organic and even help to support local food banks by donating resources in order to help end childhood hunger.