Pop Star Rihanna’s Tweets are Now Comical Motivational Posters

 - May 16, 2014
References: buzzfeed & buzzfeed
Pop star Rihanna’s Twitter account is famous for her one liner quips about love, relationships and general life woes. Whether you take the boisterous celeb’s tweets at face-value or to heart, Matt Bellassai creatively made a humorous collection of scenic images that feature Rhianna’s hilarious Tweets as inspirational life quotes.

Bellassi’s comical motivational posters cleverly parody some of the more famous Rihanna tweets full of desires for food, slang and swear words. Each Tweet is Photoshopped over top of scenic landscapes as if Rihanna’s Tweets are life lessons we all should take inspiration from. Some of the funniest tweets like "a rat is a rat" and "cry for me" are hilariously funny to read and they become that much more hilarious alongside these calming landscape backgrounds that render the tweets even more ridiculous.