POP IT UP by Anya Sirota + AKOAKI is Whimsically Geometric

 - Jun 29, 2013
References: anyasirota & bustler.net
Hugely whimsical, both literally and figuratively, the POP IT UP art installation is comprised of two giant three-dimensional stars that have been erected in a defunct tannery in Amilly, France. A bright and playful addition to the otherwise stark and barren space, "they encourage visitors to take a fresh look at the spatial potentials of an industrial site in the process of transformation and to imagine a more playful, dynamic and collective future," as written by the designers.

The POP IT UP art installation was created by Anya Sirota + AKOAKI, a design studio based in Michigan. In a way, the installation symbolizes the new purpose of the industrial site. Come fall, it will be converted into a cultural art center. The geometrical forms do have a happy and celebratory aesthetic.