This Pomegranate Slicer Takes Out the Messy Aspects

 - Oct 12, 2013
References: fancy
Pomegranate consumers will be interested in this pomegranate slicer. Pomegranates are beautiful things -- healthy and aesthetically pleasing -- but sometimes it is difficult to manage these little guys. The pomegranate slicer seeks to minimize most of your worries.

First off, pomegranates are considered a super food -- they have health benefits including improving blood vessels, maintaining a healthy heart and healthy skin, and providing the body with a number of vital nutrients and vitamins. Eating a couple pomegranates a week will take your health game to the next level.

Removing pomegranate seeds could turn anyone off. This pomegranate slicer makes it easy. Simply remove the crown and cut your pomegranate in half; position on top of the grid and cover the top with the dome piece. Lightly tap and your seeds will be collected into the bowl.