'Political Tarot' Features 22 Politicians as Tarot Card Figures

 - Aug 10, 2016
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Carissa Holly Langer's 'Political Tarot' series features 22 politicians re-imagined as the figures featured in a Tarot card deck.

The 'Political Tarot' series depicts various politicians, including ones who were prevalent in the current presidential election, as well as others who were particularly outspoken. Some of Langer's cards are meant to capture the politician accurately, while others are meant to be satirical. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are depicted as 'The Emperor' and 'The Empress' respectively. Donald Trump is characterized as 'The Devil' and Ted Cruz is 'Death.' Other politicians that were featured, but who were not part of the presidential election include Elizabeth Warren as 'Justice.'

The 'Political Tarot' series has a liberal overtone to the pairing of politicians with tarot card figures. Langer is one of many artists who has channeled her interest in the presidential election into her art.