Visvim's Law Enforcement Whistle Remembers a Late 1800s Model in Style

Visvim, a Japanese menswear brand that's known for its high-end designs recently updated its collection of accessories with a unique police whistle that's covered in a luxurious gold finish.

It's said that the design inspiration came from J Hudson & Co, a company that amassed much success in the past by creating police whistles that could be heard over greater distances than those previously seen. From this, the company became "the largest manufacturer of whistles in the world, supplying whistles to police forces and businesses all over the world."

Using J Hudson & Co's 'Acme Thunderer' model, Visvim remembers the tool that improved communication for law enforcement during the late 1800s and after, making for a great collectible or wearable accessory with an opulent appearance that's full of history.