Fiverr User Re-Imagines Your Favorite Space as a Pokemon Room

 - Oct 16, 2013
References: fiverr
If you’ve ever wondered what life would look like if you lived like Ash and Pikachu, you can now get a glimpse with the Pokemon room.

Illustrator mathewreiss from an online marketplace called Fiverr offers customers the opportunity to see what their room would look like if it was designed with the child’s television show in mind, and he designs a pixelated version for you for just $5 or more. Fiverr is a website that provides people with services starting at $5, so if you’re a fan of Pokemon it’s definitely worth it.

Trend Hunter decided to contact the illustrator and request to have the office re-imagined Anime-style. The office looks exactly the same, with three long tables with chairs and laptops to represent the employees. However, he has made the office pixelated, added Poke-balls, and illustrated CEO Jeremy Gutsche with his favorite Pokemon Charizard.