Harry Roseman Makes the Wood Material Look Like Pliable Fabric

 - Nov 10, 2014
References: faculty2.vassar.edu & beautifuldecay
It is clear that this collection of plywood art is not typical of what people would expect for the wood material. First of all, there is a fluidity to the designs that makes the plywood art look much more pliable than it really is. This is done entirely on purpose, of course, with the intention revolving around an illusion.

Made to look like fabric, the plywood art was created by Harry Roseman. He shares, "The subjects of my work are the bend of a curve, the conjunction of edges, the turn of a fold, the weight and nature of objects, the conjunction of idea and object, the way an idea sits in an object and next to an object and the way surface can obscure and also reveal. One of my aims is to close the distance between thinking, looking and making, to the point where it is hard to tell the difference."