The Plugg Radio Introduces an Interactive Way to Turn On Electronics

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: skrekkogle & designboom
Norwegian designers from Skrekkogle have devised a new way to interact with everyday electronics besides using the power button with the Plugg radio.

The minimalist design features a bright yellow box with a popular wine cork stopper. The Plugg radio is turned on and off by simply inserting or removing the cork. By corking the top of the speakers, the sound does not merely get muffled but turns off entirely. The internal structure of the box "houses a maze of electronics" that enables the radio to sense the cork's presence. Not only does this change the way people interact with machines, the simplistic approach introduces new means of operating everyday technology and associates the lovely music with liquid heaven, two things that should be enjoyed together.Photo Credits: designboom, skrekkogle