The Please Magazine Bubble Wrap Princess Editorial Displays Novelty

The Please Magazine Bubble Wrap Princess editorial is fantastically novel and showcases ways to make plastic chic.

Incorporating the unconventional texture has made for a captivating piece of fashion editorial visuals. Model Anni Jurgenson plays a princess who frolics about in a world where plastic reigns supreme. She dons a mixture of quirky accessories and clothing that include trash bags, latex and even bubble wrap as poetically styled by John William.

This alluring look is complimented by the exemplary hair and beauty looks that add to the trash-chic persona of this plastic princess. These were the work of hair stylist Michael Jones and makeup by Annabel Callum. With a truly fresh take on styling and visuals, this October 2012 Please Magazine, Greta Ilieva-photographed spread is redefining norms of fashionized beauty.