The 'Plastic Classics' Series Pays Homage to Famous Artworks

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: culturenlifestyle & artsnskills
Jane Perkins was inspired by classic artworks when creating her 'Plastic Classics' series.

The 'Plastic Classics' series recreates famous images and works of art with plastic debris. Perkins selected the items she used based on size, shape and color to create the images she wanted. She used plastic debris like toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewelry, curtain hooks and springs. Perkins said, "In my current body of work, Plastic Classics, Old Masters are given a contemporary twist." Perkins was inspired by the Impressionist movement because the paintings from that era need to be viewed far away and up close.

The 'Plastic Classics' series stunningly recreates recognizable masterpieces that are equally captivating up close as they are from far away. The intricate details and precise placement of shapes and colors makes the artworks all the more unique and impressive.