Planar House is a Broadly Horizontal Bungalow

 - Jun 7, 2018
References: archdaily
Homes rigidly define interior and exterior by definition, as they serve to shelter people from the potential dangers that lurk on the outside, but Planar House is an investigation into methods for blending the two conceptual ideas. The home is extremely broad and low-slung, looking as though it's constantly attempting to merge with the earth below, and it's further topped with a grassy lawn that exaggerates that effect.

As Studio MK27, the architect behind Planar House, phrases it, the home "is a radical exercise in horizontality". Bungalows certainly aren't anything new, but few bungalows make use of the space available to them in the way that Planar House does. The home's roof stretches far beyond the edges of its walls, creating a dramatically flat appearance.

Image Credit: Fernando Guerra