Consuming Afterbirth Fluids that are Dried and Frozen Into Capsules

 - Jul 13, 2009
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The word afterbirth instantly conjures up some horrid thoughts, smells, and feelings in my mind, all at the same time. I am not really familiar with placenta, so I looked up some images (have no clue why) and yup, just about fainted. Apparently consuming placenta helps mothers stave off postpartum depression and increase milk supply. 

So a placenta lady just comes over to your house and whips up the placenta for a mere 275 bucks. She cooks it first, seasons it, and then freeze-dries it to put into capsules. There is the option to actually drink it as a shake, which to me seems infinitely worse.

The pill thing seems much more doable and hey, animals have been doing this for ages. I guess as long as you can stomach the whole process (specifically the smell of a cooking placenta in your kitchen), maybe the benefits outweigh the sheer yuckiness of it all.