'Fat Boys' Reissue Their Debut 1984 Album as a Pizza That Also Comes in a Box

 - Jan 9, 2013
References: foodiggity & incrediblethings
While vinyl records may seem like a product of the past, musical artists 'Fat Boys' are bringing it back into the 21st Century by reissuing their debut album shaped like a pizza. Not only is the vinyl record shaped like everyone's favorite guilty pleasure, but the pizza record also comes in a delivery box, giving it that extra spunk.

Emerging on the scene in the early 1980s, 'Fat Boys' were named as such as a way to grab people's attention. And What better way to re-emerge onto the music scene then by reissuing their 1984 album shaped as something they all love to eat?

While it's sadly not edible, 'Fat Boys' pizza record is sure to stand out amongst other more ordinary vinyl records.

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