This Pizza Hut Commercial Has People Sample a Vegemite-Stuffed Crust

 - Feb 2, 2015
References: mashable & adweek
Most ads that you see on TV are designed to pump up a product in a specific way by telling you how awesome something is—but not this Pizza Hut commercial. As part of a unique way to introduce its 'Mitey Stuffed Crust,' a pizza filled with melted mozzarella and Vegemite, Pizza Hut asked backpackers from around the world to give it a try.

Vegemite is notorious for being an acquired taste to anyone but an Australian. In the ad, one of the pizza samplers even describes the taste as "fish jam." But rather than making its pizza sound like something terrible, oddly, after watching this ad you might be feeling compelled to try and see if you're as awesome as an Australian and share the same love of Vegemite.