Pizza by Kimiaki Yaegashi Focuses on Surreal and Silly Scenarios

 - Oct 26, 2012
References: okimi & itsnicethat
The art series titled Pizza by Kimiaki Yaegashi, an illustrator living and working in Tokyo, Japan, will put a smile on anyone's face. Be it the scantily clad woman, the little monsters or the inspiration behind the entire series, pizza, people will connect to something. Adorably silly, the series shows that artists don't have to find a serious muse in a person, memory or even smell. Instead, it can be as simple as a person's favorite food.

Pizza by Kimiaki Yaegashi, who colorful and creative work has been featured before, is kitschy and surreal. From giant slices of pizza to strange scenarios involving the consumption of said pizza, the art series will indulge people's imaginations and fantasies.