This Pavilion by Piuarch Expresses Shared Energy

 - Jul 23, 2015
Piuarch designed the ENEL Pavilion using 650 polycarbonate vectors topped with illuminating LED lights. These pillars make up the walls of this pavilion, which occupies 900 square meters of space. The design concept was created and executed for the Expo 2015.

Piuarch's pavilion uses pillars and vast amounts of green space such as foliage and courtyard elements. The ultimate goal of this pavilion was to create a space that paired conceptual elements and structural elements together.

The pavilion contains three wooded courtyards that lead to elevated walkways. The walkways incorporate both the pillar-like forest and the natural foliage elements. While the courtyards have no coverings, the walkways use thinly printed glass covers to protect against rain. An interactive site map allows visitors to guide themselves thorough the pavilion.