Maja Chocolat's Garden-Inspired Dessert is Infused with Marzipan

 - Apr 15, 2015
Maja Chocolat's pistachio cake recipe is infused with fresh lemon and marzipan ingredients. The white chocolate dessert is nothing short of delicious and is made using shortcrust pastry.

In addition to tasting incredible, this pistachio cake is also gorgeous to look at, making it a perfect treat for birthday parties and summer patio events. The dessert is decorated with green icing and edible flowers that are inspired by a lush summer garden.

When it is ready to serve, this delicious cake tastes best with a fresh strawberry garnish and will appeal to fans of gourmet desserts. Whether planning a garden-themed birthday party or an elegant backyard affair, this unconventional cake is a great recipe to try this summer and is sure to become an instant crowd favorite.