Piraja House is a Modern Take on a Dilapidated Sao Paolo Property

 - Feb 22, 2018
References: archdaily
It can often be difficult to look past the blight of a dilapidated area when envisioning a renovation and refurbishment, but Piraja House is a testament to the powerful outcomes that can result when people put in the effort. The newly renovated home in Sao Paolo, Brazil, looks chic and modern despite having risen from the wreckage of a completely abandoned property.

Piraja House is in a vibrant, working class neighborhood. While that has many advantages, one of the biggest challenges for the architects behind the project — a local firm called Estudio BRA — was in making the most out of the tightly packed space available to them. The resulting design is indeed narrow, like all the homes in the area, but it uses concrete paving to appear just as modern as any home in an upper class area.

Image Credit: Maíra Acayaba