The THESBOT Robot Can Investigate Inside Narrow Pipes

 - Dec 4, 2015
References: & gizmag
The THESBOT is a pipe-inspecting robot, developed by Japan-based company HiBot, that is capable of crawling inside very narrow pipes in order to inspect what's happening inside.

This robot is equipped with a connective cable at its rear end. This cable is hooked up to a joystick control used by the operator. The operator can then observe a live video feed transmitted by the robot's special LED-equipped camera. The camera can be remotely panned and tilted, and its speed and direction can also be controlled. The robot is also capable of being fitted with additional sensors to expand its repertoire and capabilities.

The THESBOT can be of use in industrial settings such as mines, oil fields, chemical plants and other heavy industrial environments, where it can help save time and money and reduce risk of injury to humans.