Misha Kahn's Pig Bench Uses Man-Made Materials to Mimic Nature

The Pig Bench by Misha Kahn is a simple seating unit designed to look like it was cut from a tree, but is actually made completely of synthetic materials. The intent of the design is to make a commentary on the juxtaposition of technology in the American midwest, where "Wi-Fi coexists with log cabins," an excerpt taken from the Cargo Collective website.

This hybrid of natural and synthetic biology re-imagines organic plant life as if it was comprised of man-made materials like conduit, rope and tinsel. The myriad of objects form chemically created growths, layers and rings that are like psychedelic versions of geodes, tree bark or barnacles.

The Rhode Island School of Design alumni's bench was recently showcased at Milan's Venture Lambrate in April 2013.