NTV's Piece Vote is a User-Propelled Mystery Drama

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: ntv.co.jp & trendpool
The Japanese television network Nihon Terebi (NTV) has recently launched a new mystery drama series called Piece Vote. Broadcast weekly at a late-night time slot, the show includes a scrolling side panel that's constantly updated with incoming viewer opinions and comments.

Despite being very new, TV viewers who've jumped onto the realtime response craze have already found a healthy balance between watching and commenting. Because Japanese Internet users prefer anonymity, the dialogue over Piece Vote has thus far been very curt, to-the-point and wrought with emotion. This innovation has already proven to be an exceptional business tool, allowing television producers to gauge audience reactions and change the narrative of the show accordingly.

Imagine if the makers of serialized shows like LOST, Heroes or even Jersey Shore could immediately tell what their viewers were thinking and feeling. You and the rest of the audience would be guaranteed to love next week's episode!