The Phoenix Bamboo Car Cannot be Found in a Ford Dealership

 - Oct 26, 2011
References: kennethcobonpue & treehugger
Only with the recent emergence of east Asian design sense has bamboo been validated as a versatile material, and the Phoenix Bamboo Car is ensuring things stay that way.

This sleek, if impractical vehicle is the product of Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and Leipzig-based product designer Albercht Birkner. Astoundingly, the Phoenix Bamboo Car was built in just ten days by contractors and craftsmen using bamboo, rattan, nylon and steel as the basic building components. Its main purpose is to showcase the need for biodegradable capital goods, but the roadster benefits from lower production and maintenance costs as well. Ignoring the bio-fuel engine and locally-harvested bamboo for a minute, the Phoenix should be applauded for its aesthetically shocking appearance. Measuring almost 153 inches long, the car is designed to mimic the shape of a leaf. I don't ever expect to see this vehicle on an assembly, but I'd love to take a test drive.