These Speakers Were Inspired by the Philharmonie De Paris Auditorium

French contemporary architect turned designer Jean Nouvel has created these curvaceous audio speakers inspired by the auditorium for the Philharmonie de Paris - - a building he also designed.

The 'Philharmonia' speaker system by Amadeus was originally created specifically for the Philharmonie de Paris recording and mastering studios. Now available to the public, the shape and look of these speakers follows a curved yet monolithic design with a layered wooden body. The unique stratified appearance of these speakers was achieved from precisely machining, aligning and gluing together 547 wood veneers made to be the exact same size and width.

The audio quality of these beautifully designed speakers is pristine and clear with the lowest level of distortion possible. The time and care that went into creating these speakers was meant to match the prestigious quality of the orchestra they pay tribute to.