Pharside 'Something Different' Concept Fuses Performance and Physics

Hip hop dance performances have taken to concept videos to showcase the opportunity of creativity without a need for stage, tickets or commutes and the Pharside 'Something Different' film clip is no different.

The video features Mike Song, a well-known and respected hip hop choreographer, alongside Pharside, an equally creative and charismatic performer. These two individuals took to the studio and put together a concept performance in which they dance against their reflections in the mirror. The growth of hip hop dancing as a modern art form has been exponential in recent years and the use of competent cinematography much like what is shown above (Kanaru Productions) has allowed hip hop to become known for something more than just a resource for street credit. This particular performance is a first-time attempt at dancers battling themselves.

With a little bit of storytelling, acting and amazing moves, the Parside 'Something Different' video has set itself apart from the rest.