Petrobras Bio Fuel Prints Claim Environmental Consciousness

As scientists search for the next best way to power man's machines, one company asserts its solution in these Petrobras Bio Fuel prints. More often than not, the consumer is kept ignorant of the source of the resources he exhausts, but this campaign assures that "Nature is in the circuit."

In order to communicate this concept quite comprehensively, the Camisa 10 advertising agency of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, chose to illustrate the outlines of three different entities. A turtle, an alligator and a leaf are drawn on green backgrounds in thick white lines that represent racetracks. A close look at each of these reveals a tiny race car doing a lap of the loopy courses, en route for the checkered flag. Utilizing an elementary way to bridge the two ideas, the Petrobras Bio Fuel prints are very easy to understand.